Why Four Seasons?

Delivering Residential and Commercial Title Services Since 2004

Four Seasons Title was founded to provide "behind the scenes" settlement processing to keep attorneys and local title companies in the real estate settlement business both profitably and with peace of mind.

The Four Seasons Network Model drives incremental profit by controlling your costs.

There is no minimum case volume. Four Seasons Title has separated the back office processing from the client facing work necessary to conduct a successful settlement. Each provider is paid by agreement commensurate with the services provided. Additionally, attorney fees for legal services in connection with settlement are retained by the attorney providing the service.

The Four Seasons Network Advantage

Try our turnkey process with one case and see if you agree

Show me how...

Let Four Seasons handle the back office processing and "surge" work:

TRID Requirements
Processing Real Estate Transactions

Title Commitments

Closing Disclosures

Settlement Statements

Daily Escrow account Reconciliation Disbursements and Post Closing CD Revisions Coordinating:

Loan Officer





Title Policy Production


Underwriter Audits

Title Insurance Agent Appointment

We believe that we should earn your business with each and every case.

This is why we do not ask you for a long term contract or a specific level of business. We do find that our partners do more real estate settlement business once they begin working with us and are freed of the cost and liability of processing transactions. Separate yourself from cost and liability and do what you love and what rewards you ... see more clients!

We are fully compliant with ALTA Best Practices and CFPB rules.

Contact John Brennan Attorney/President (301) 261-8177 Direct, Or 1-844-889-8826 JohnB@4SeasonsTitle.com

Four Seasons Title is a division of Brennan Title Company Visit us at: www.4seasonstitle.com